Monday, May 4, 2009


Gosh, how time flies! I can't believe it's already May. Sometimes I wonder why I feel that time goes by quicker now than while I was younger; then I felt time went by too slow. These days I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day, there seems to be more and more things to learn and do. Still, I try not to go overboard and begin new hobbies/crafts although I am itching to do so.

Last spring (ie 2008) in Tucson, I learned how to crochet (using a crochet hook) and braid (using a Kumihimo disc) seed beads. I did not pursue this any further after crocheting a few bracelets for my daughters. It was only recently that my interest sparked again and decided to search online for more information on Kumihimo as braiding seed beads is easier than crocheting - this is my own personal opinion and does not reflect others' opinion. I stumbled upon Jacqui Carey who is based in the UK and an expert in Kumihimo. Her books have inspired me to pick up braiding again and what do you know?! I ordered the 'proper' Marudai to work along with all the accessories needed for Kumihimo. The Kumihimo disc is definitely a very economical way to try out braiding before fully investing into the actual equipment. I am practising the braiding by using crochet thread and am not quite confident in using silk threads at this time. I am however most tempted to start using seed beads and making the braids for necklaces. Anyway, here are the first samples made two weekends ago -

As for lampworking, I made a few more Taj beads as well as a new bracelet. Each bead set has two photos showing the 'front' and one end of the beads -