Monday, April 27, 2009


Wow, what a glorious month we're having!!! Sunshine everyday, what a treat!! I keep nodding off to sleep when I make beads in the past days - it's not a lack of sleep as I am sleeping well in the nights. I think it may be the pollen allergy which is making me lethargic. Lampworking is quite meditative in its own way plus the pollen allergy, perhaps that's what making me sleepy. I admit I have been taking it easy too. I made a few new Taj beads but not all sets are complete at this stage. Mostly I experimented with new colors and color combination, so I am only showing here 1 set which I made yesturday. The Taj beads take time to make as each dot/stringer is manipulated to create the points.

Taj Series
Made with dark brown + transparent light blue
with designs in light sky blue

Same set of beads, close-up

The below are my Earth-To-Mum bracelets. These are really fun beads to make, especially at the end of a long day of making the Taj beads. I take a few days to complete each bracelet, since I like to make the beads at the end of my torch time.

Earth-To-Mum bracelet, 31 multi-colored lampwork beads
Made with Reichenbach glass

Close up of the glass beads

Photo showing the catch of the bracelet

Earth-To-Mum bracelet, 36 black and white lampwork beads
Yes, this is a 2nd b/w bracelet

Close up of catch

Close up of b/w bracelet

Of course, all the work you see on my blog are for sale. Please contact me if you are interested. I shall also list them on etsy, artfire and ebay, depending on availability.