Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's been a busy week for me - presently I am filled with ideas for my glass beads but can't seem to find enough time in a day to realize each and every idea. I tend to become 'zombized' with a particular whenever I find that the test bead has turned out exactly the way I had envisioned it to be.

Earlier on, I was fixated with my 'Taj' beads and then I got hung up on making 'Jellies' (3-D jellyfish) which eventually led me to making Paper Roses beads.

Attempt #1
This poor thing looks like I sat on it, it's quite messy and I wanted to add the jellyfish into my Reef beads, but I realize now that there's too much happening in the background. I need to place the jellyfish in a 'quieter' zone; as in real life, when we sight any jellyfish, they usually float on the surface of the water.

Attempt #2
An improving jellyfish bead, I do step back and try to figure out how I could improve the bead whenever the 1st attempt is a disaster. Quite pleased with this bead though I am quite convinced that the background is too busy for the jellyfish.

Attempt #3
I decided to drop all the background and just concentrate on improving my skills on making the jellyfish since it is very time consuming to make a Reef bead and then bungle it up by putting in a poorly executed jellyfish (which does look like I literally executed the poor thing in half) and it is beginning to look rather like a jellyfish!

Attempt #4
Most delighted with this bead, it REALLY looks like a jellyfish!!! I have taken another angle of the bead to show you the mantle of the jellyfish - ah, I am so satisfied with this bead!
This angle shows you how transparent the mantle is.

Attempted to make a sculptural fish on the Reef bead instead of a starfish. Well, I haven't figured out how to make the fish like a fish yet. It's ok but I'd like to fine-tune it.
Below are my latest creations for the past week. These beads have a paperweight look to them. They are 3-D and when I took the beads out of the kiln, they reminded me of my childhood days where we used crepe paper to make paper roses during art lessons in school.

Blue/green background

Paper Roses Focal
This is the same bead as above, just another angle.

PAPER ROSES Bead Set with Focal
Blue/Green background

Close-up of Focal Bead from above bead set

PAPER ROSES Bead Set with Focal Bead
Amethyst background

PAPER ROSES Bead Set with Focal Bead
Cobalt blue background