Friday, March 27, 2009


What time of the year am I talking about? Well, it's that famous daylight saving hours thing again. Yes, it's a very confusing and much discussed subject whenever it's time for us residing in Germany to adjust our clocks either back or forth. Whimsical tinkering which most of us can't figure out and you hear people around you argue about whether the clock goes forward or backward 1 hour. A few days ago, I picked up a good tip about 'solving this problem' and that is to remember the '2-3-2' rule: for winter time, we adjust our clocks from 2am to 3 a.m. and in summer from 3am to 2am (ie in the morning from Saturday to Sunday - ah yes, that is another thing we can't forget, thank goodness the media bombards us this bit of info otherwise I would probably forget which day the clocks/watches have to be adjusted). Pretty nifty tip, don't you agree? Though as nifty as it sounds, I'd rather they change it to 3-4-3 so that winter has longer daylight hours and summer days would be even longer. Or on the other hand, why don't they just leave the time alone and leave it unchanged. This way, even the cows will be thankful - since they need to be milked at a fixed time whether it's summer or winter. I am sure the cows are wondering why the heck is the farmer in on Sunday 1 hour earlier since their natural 'milk production' has not fully completed their act, so to speak!

Oh gosh, that means I will be awake too early this Sunday!! I usually wake up at about 5am winter time and that actually becomes 4am winter time now that it's summer time. But how do I tell my biological clock to wake up at 5am summer time, which is actually 6am winter time?? Is this considered jetlag? What a chaos, total confusion!! It's time to leave the time be and not adjust it back and forth, dear politicians!!

Anyway, perhaps in anticipation of the daylight saving hours, I came up with some new motifs which are very Asian and perhaps rather Indian-like (as in India and not Red Indians). I am presently very addicted to making this style beads since the past 2 weeks - actually, I have been doodling and dabbing this motif on paper for many years and it is only now the designs have been realized with glass. I really love the colors which I have chosen to use in the beads, with the outlines like in the Indian textiles.

Well, it looks like I should start work at the torch soon. Have a good weekend and may I wish all of you guys a happy transition into the new summer time...



This set is a basic lampwork bead style - I was out of ideas and decided to make simple but colorful beads.



Following bead sets are special custom orders which I completed the last set yesturday.