Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ahhh, yes, I can safely say that what I do is my dream job - lampworking!! I simply adore what I do and it is such an addiction to be at the torch!! Sure, there are days where I need a break from torching though in general, I can't complain about my job and definitely I hardly take sick leave!!

I have been pacing myself these days, trying to be more organized and disciplined - though somewhat still lacking - about my daily work schedule. I tend to do more than I can handle and end up being frustrated. I work from home and not all of us have this discipline where we fully concentrate on what we do. I am easily distracted after making each bead, eg I frequently get up to look for snacks and drinks instead of working on a longer stretch. My mum says this is due to my butt being pointed so I can't sit for long...

The most happy news I have is I got my kilns back - they have been modified to meet German industrial safety standards and I have a brand new digital controller from Bentrup (German-made). I am one happy person again!! My kilns are now fitted with silicon-coated wiring; previously it had plastic-coated wiring which was what caught on fire. I imported my kilns from the US and I can't imagine that this meets the US safety standards. I love my new digital controller, easy to program and well, simply very German which is practical and functional!!! Instead of spending days figuring out the controller, I managed to understand how it works within an hour.

Anyway, more Purist necklaces were made over the past days.


'BE MY DAISY', 18"

I was commissioned to make this necklace. It is similar to 'Purple Passion' necklace, shown in my earlier blog from last week.

The below bead sets are and shall be on over the next days.