Friday, January 23, 2009


I have been experiencing a nagging feeling for the past few weeks about my upcoming trip to Tucson for the Best Bead Show. Then last week the Lufthansa cabin crew with their union called UFO - yes, it sounds very 'alienating' but hey, that is what the union is called, I know, I know, talk about getting attention... - threatened with strikes if their terms (what else, pay raise, of course) are not met with. This morning the cabin crew went on strike and this was like the tip of the iceberg which made me cancel my trip to Tucson. I am booked on Lufthansa flights - my tickets were issued 5-6 months ago.

I can't imagine another scenario at the airport where I get stranded because I miss a connecting flight within the US as the long-haul flight left late or I missed my original long-haul flight. I dread being stranded at any US airports. You are not taken care of by the airport staff or airline ground staff. You are left on your own and I have experienced that twice last year in the US. The passengers were not even issued with coupons for food or drinks - we were simply left on our own to figure out how to spend the night in the airport. It was something I would never in my life imagine would happen to me or anyone, it was totally primitive the way we were treated. And the airlines wonder why they are going belly-up? Hello???!!!

So when Lufthansa announced their strike this morning, my gut feelings told me to cancel my plans. I have waited for more than 2 years to get into this event, it is such a pity though the thought of being stranded irks me more than ever. As I grow older, I do not see the need to suffer such stress while on a business trip. I only hope that I have not messed up the organizer's plans too much by canceling less than two weeks before the event.

I shall however attend the Bead & Button Show 2009 in Milwaukee where I am teaching as well as being a vendor there. That is such a wonderful show which I would not want to miss.

Anyway, I have hoarded my beads over the past weeks for the Best Bead Show and here are some of them.

The next photo show three beads which I followed a tutorial in a forum - it's really fun to make these beads especially when your brain cells aren't functioning well for the day!!

As well as these 'floral' discs beads, they are also just as fun to make. Ahhhhh, also great for those brain-dead days...

I especially love the below color combo with ivory, orange and green. Totally vibrant, complementary colors always bring out the best in each other!

The next 4 photos show 4 different sets and no, you're not seeing quadruple!!! These beads belong to my Anna Karenina series - I know these patterns are usually on my beads in different color combos, but this particular combo of ivory and turquoise sets them apart from the rest.

The next 3 photos show the same designs as the AK beads, but the color combo makes them somewhat different from the AK series. These do not quite have that 'classic' look. However, it is so subjective, each one of us view things differently. You might not agree with me, but hey that's ok! There will be less gossip should we all have the same opinions!!!

Now, the following 'abstract design' beads have been neglected for the past 12 months, I would say. I realized that only when I started going through my portfolio. I guess it is not unusual to move on and do new things, it's what progress is about. I don't quite have it in me to make these beads presently and found it a tad boring after making 3 sets.

I am positively hooked on making the Reef beads, though a few of them were not quite what they should have been and I was so put off when I took them out of the kiln. I am taking a break from the Reef beads but you know, they are here to stay. I think they are quite individual and that no two beads are alike or remotely similar.

Have a swell weekend, I know I will as there will be a jam session tomorrow night at the tap school - it's fabulous simply to tap with a band!!!