Monday, November 30, 2009


Last week as I was doing my usual routine around our home, I felt that it was loud when I let the trash-lid fall close. Hey, it's not like I chuck things down and they break all the time! In fact, after that 'awakening', I have been observing myself and am consciously being more 'gentle' with what I do. You know, this morning I realize that it is not being rough or gentle, it is that my mind is not with what I am doing. Before I have finished the task, I walk away and let it 'fall into place'. I now consciously remain standing/sitting still and wait till what I am doing is 100% finished and completed before going off to my next task. We are kept busy daily and are impatient. Have you notice that no matter how much you hurry to do anything, you may finish your task five minutes earlier and not more? Worse is, whatever you have rushed to achieve is not properly done and you have to start all over again. What's the hurry? Most of the time it's not a life-threatening situation, is it? My advice? Let your mind consciously be with what you do before you move on to the next and you will be more than satisfied when the task is completed.

Let's get to the crux of today's blog! Here are my beads made before the weekend, yeah, all large lentil beads (large is beautiful) -

Where's The Cat?

Where's The Cat?
Seriously, can you spot where the cat face bead is?

If not, here's the cat bead

The Flown Goose
Focal bead
Hot Off The Press!

Hot Off The Press!

Fourteen Faces Of The Moon
Ok, first impression you get is, it looks like the Where's The Cat? set, that's because I used the same stringer color and have similar motifs. The Cat set is made on ivory colored base though the Moon set has brown and ivory as well.

Fourteen Faces Of The Moon

News Flash!

Have a great week!


Sue Doran said...

Wonderful beads, Dora! The whiskers gave away the cat for me :-) My favourite is the flown goose one.

I know what you mean about hurrying, I am constantly stopping myself from doing it. I now have a "one hand rule" as when I am hurrying with one thing in my hand, I try to do another, it NEVER works and both tasks take longer. Now, I never attempt to do anything without putting the first thing down. Another rule is to reconsider anything that starts with me thinking "I'll just ..." as it's never as simple as I think!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Sue! I like the 'one hand rule' - multitasking is out!!!

adi said...

Hallo Dora,

Deine Perlen sind einfach wunderschön und Du überraschst nich immer wieder aufs Neue mit Deiner Stringerarbeit :-))!
Hab eine schöne Woche.
Adi die ein bisschen "neidisch"
auf Deine ruhige Hand ist!

SueBeads said...

Beautiful beads! Again!

mairedodd said...

the beads are gorgeous! and your reminder to be mindful is so important... i know that while i have tried to productively multi-task, i often make my life harder... i have put things in a 'safe place' while thinking about something else and i forget where my spot is... and, i think, the even bigger issue is life quality...if it is approached as 'getting things done' and not as simply being there and doing things, it flies right by in a blur... thanks for the great post...

Silver Parrot said...

These are beautiful! Just beautiful! I did find the cat - so cute!

rosebud101 said...

Your blog post was about what? Oh, my, those beads are absolutely amazing! I was distracted by them, now I need to read again!p

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, all, for your comments/compliments - they mean a lot to me.