Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have been absent from selling online regularly for about six months since May this year and I really feel the result of that absence. Basically I have to start from square one again. Definitely attending events put everything on hold this year, I had three major events running each month beginning June plus 2 teaching stints. I must say, I admire my lampworking colleague, Patti Cahill, who has literally back-to-back events. She is either in the studio or driving to events. I can't for the life of me fathom the idea of doing shows back-to-back, let alone doing three separate events each month! I admire Patti's energy, drive and determination.

Lately I thoroughly enjoy making large lentil-shaped beads, the larger the better. This allows for a natural arm movement whilst 'flame-drawing' on the bead. Obviously a flatter surface is easier to draw on than compared to, say, a round bead. The curvature in a round bead forces you to move the bead as you draw, whereas a 'flatter' surface bead is stationary while you draw. See what I mean? Here are some of my large lentil beads, they are either already up on Ebay or shall be listed shortly in the next days. The lentil beads measure 26mm in diameter, which means they can be used singly as focal beads.



Will be listed in the next days
White-and-black beads

not large lentils, though button-shaped (they do look like lentils) measuring each 21mm in diameter. The cheese bead is hand-formed, naturally with tools, not my bare fingers!