Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'd probably mentioned it before, after each trip I usually am exhausted and need time to recuperate before I begin working in my studio (home studio, actually). It's been about two weeks since I return from Istanbul. Talking of which, I am lucky to have left the city and not be caught in the torrential rains and flooding in Istanbul - I feel awful for the people caught in the floods there.

I have been fiddling with our tax returns since my return and am glad that it's almost out of the way - only need to e-file and then, I'm done with the taxes (filing taxes is the most tedious activity since it's done once annually). On a lighter note, I started drawing again to distract myself from my visit to Glass Furnace - now, the last time I picked up a pen to draw was about 25 years ago; I thought I'd forgotten how to draw. I've done two illustrations in ink (Indian ink, to be exact - this ink is permanent). Yes, I admit, I went out immediately and bought a set of technical pens in different thickness!! It took me several hours to loosen up and begin drawing without worrying. The process of these illustrations involves sketching with pencil and then, using a technical pen (eg. Rotring) to go over the pencil drawing. Changes are sometimes made when I use the technical pen though the pencil drawing is pretty detailed itself. Here are two drawings I made last week.

Under The Sea
20x20cm, drawn on 250gram paper

The Garden
20x20cm, drawn on 250gram paper


Vickie Hallmark said...

Guess you haven't lost your touch! Can't wait to see how the drawings will cross over and influence your glass. I find working back and forth across media to be very inspiring.

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you Vickie! Sometimes it's the question of 'when' and not so much of the 'how' that makes things work. I just hope it's not going to take years before the 'when' will happen!!

rosebud101 said...

Wow, Dora, great drawings! You are multitalented. Wow!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, rosebud101!