Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last week, I was emailed by a German glass supplier/manufacturer offering to send me free samples of frit and glass rods for testing. I usually do not take this up as I am happy with the glass rods and frit I have in my storeroom. However - and you know, there's always room for an however with most women - I decided to take up their offer and indicated my interest.

There was no return reply to my email and I thought that all was forgotten. Two days later, the mailman stuck a padded envelope in my mailbox - that is another thing which I don't understand, just because a padded envelope is used doesn't mean that you can bash the envelope around, stuff it with all your might into a 2" mail slot, why indeed would someone use a padded envelope if they are not fragile items??!! Anyway, with all my own might, it took me several minutes to force-pull the force-pushed envelope out of the 2" slot. It was a struggle and now thinking back, I am glad that I didn't rip out the mailbox from the wall.

Believe me, I was elated that I could try out something new and was looking forward to using them rightaway till I opened the envelope and this bag fell out -

Here's a close up of how they had packaged their freebies plus two 6" glass rod samples wrapped in copy paper which has been removed when I took the photos -

Call me picky, if you wish, but it looks like trash to me. Whether free samples or paid samples or paid merchandise, we are obligated to pack properly to send out to prospective clients. This package to me was so carelessly packed - in German, they say lieblos gepackt - and I can't even decipher the color codes on each of the labels. Why bother to send out samples this way? They certainly have not gain me over as a new customer but actually wasted their money in the whole process. The way they have sent out the samples shows the attitude behind the management. Certainly not a supplier I would wish to buy from.

Ok, so much for my grumbling and rambling; maybe the cause of old age... I shall have some beads to show you in my next update. Have a lovely week!!


Rambling Rose Jewellery said...

What a mess! Can you even be certain that each of these samples are compatible with each other? Or the quality of the glass? Definately an example of how not to do business. I am glad that your mail box wasn't damaged, I would be more than unhappy too.

Dora Schubert said...

Well, they are between 86-90 COE and compatible to THEIR glass assortment. Thing is, I don't think I want to even cut open any of the bags to try the samples as it is such a turn-off. I am NOT asking for gift packaging, but enough care to induce me into becoming their client. Ah, they probably have enough buyers to send their samples out this way. I consider it arrogance and ignorance.

rosebud101 said...

Dora, that is a big turn off in merchandising. If they don't know any better, they shouldn't be doing it.

Deb said...

Dora - now that is sad!

They wouldn't gain me as a customer either. Presentation is everything!

Not only does it show me that the producer/manufacturer/artist is proud of their product, but it also indicates that they actually care what the end consumer thinks. If a company doesn't care about their consumers then why deal with them. It speaks volumes.

Not so long ago I had someone that had sent me some beautiful beads comment "I guess I should pack better" - when I explained that all of them were chipped & damaged in some way because they had knocked against each other in the box. That was it - the sum total, no apology at all.lol!
Somehow that seems even more criminal. I package my beads up as if they were diamonds!

Dora Schubert said...

Yes, Deb, I agree with you! This recent Bead & Button, I only took with me ziplock bags for packing the beads sold. I felt most uneasy since I do take care in my packing. I have lugged with me my cartons to the US and have witnessed countless times how the buyers would crush the box to stuff it into their bags. After 3 yrs of seeing that, I decided to be skimpy this year and skip the cartons. Let me tell you, I felt most uncomfortable with just using ziplock bags. I shall be back next time with packaging again, even if they get crushed by the buyers.