Friday, June 19, 2009


This morning I went out on my balcony to water my potted tomato plants and observed how two very huge and loud-screeching ravens were circling overhead. I was quite surprised to see them as till now I have not had any ravens hanging around our rooftop/balcony. I later spotted a baby raven in the middle of the rooftop and realized why the two ravens were circling above me.

As usual, it was time to fill the bird feed, so I climbed over the rail and the ravens took flight, circled overhead again and became very loud. Believe me, I must have looked like a comic figure to the neighbor who happened to look out; saw me climbing over the railing onto the rooftop, looked up at the sky and then immediately turned around again to climb back onto the balcony. Oh gosh, thinking about it now, I was still in my PJs when I doing this great act! F a b u l o u s... how embarrassing...I must really look like an idiot. The whole incident - minus the neighborly act - reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and that was what made me climb back onto the balcony ASAP. I can tell you, I certainly wasn't keen on having the ravens land on my head!

I have been observing and obsessing about the baby raven the whole day, checking every couple of minutes to see whether it was still around. It was moving around the whole rooftop, I thought at one point, he would make it to the edge of the rooftop and take off. But no, the poor fella was going in a circle! I said to my husband, maybe I should put out signs with arrows pointing the directions he should take and avoid all the detours he's been making all day!!! Anyway, I held out till evening time when I decided I should call someone about the poor baby raven. Got a hold of someone at the Wildpark L√ľneburg Heide and was told that it was quite normal this time of the year for baby ravens to make their maiden flight and since they are not quite strong, they usually end up somewhere eg our rooftop and it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 days before they get enough energy to take flight again. As long as their parents hover around close by, the babies will usually be taken care of. Which means, we can't use the balcony in the meantime.

Today was a day of heavy showers periodically and the poor creature has been drenched several times. He/she reminds me of the cartoon raven characters, but I can't recall their names at all. Here's how the baby looks - isn't he cute? BTW, he still opens his beak wide open to eat and it's such a pitiful sight when his mouth is wide open but gets nothing to eat. I really felt awful and sorry for the poor fella.

Anyway, I am glad that I called up to find out about what to do about him. At least I can sleep tonight!

Our dog Sandy had a minor surgery on Monday to remove his fat glands in his right eye lid. He had this problem late last year and the vet had drained the clogged gland. Now a nearby fat gland is inflamed, so he decided it was time to remove the fat glands around that area. Dr Koeppel shaved Sandy's fur around his eye, even the eyelashes are gone! He sure looks funky, I tell you! This photo was taken right after we got home. He reminds me of the bulldog from the Rascals - what's his name?

I have a couple visitors to our bird feed. Here's a male great spotted woodpecker. We call him Hacker Sr. His son, Hacker Jr, has also started to visit on his own. I still haven't taken a photo of Hacker Jr. who looks like he's wearing a red base ball cap. His entire head is red, unlike his dad who has a red spot or bindi on the back of his head.

Don't know what this bird is called. He's beautiful but then again, all birds are beautiful, aren't they?

Here are some photos, courtesy of Leslie Felton, taken at the Bead & Button 2009 Show.

That's me in the middle demonstrating and teaching a lampworking class at the Bead & Button.

All the classrooms and equipment set up are done by Arrow Springs. They cater to almost every whim and fancy of each instructor, Arrow Springs is simply wonderful to work with!

That's Cara, my older daughter, on the left - she helped at the booth while I taught as well as when I took breaks. This is her 2nd year at B&B. I really appreciate her help, thanks Cara!

Flame-On demo - you can tell the propane's gone to our heads!

That's me, demo-ing at the Flame-On. Hey, I look serious!

Moral support from Cara and no, those are not knitting needles. One is a stringer and the other is a mandrel with the bead on it. I was applying dots to one end of the bead.


I know, I have shown this before in the previous blog, but this is such a great shot!


rosebud101 said...

I hope the little guy survives all right. Love the photos of the B & B!
I can't remember the name of the dog on the Little Rascals either. Hope your puppy is doing well.

Dora Schubert said...

Our 12-year old forever-young-puppy is doing great! He's off the 'Marie Antoinette' collar at night - you know, the huge plastic like-a-bucket collar to prevent dogs from licking or scratching their wounds. He's licking the shaved area on his leg where the GA was jabbed in more than he's attempting to scratch his eye lid (which thank goodness he's not doing so far).