Friday, May 15, 2009


I know, I'm pretty erratic with my blog - sometimes no updates for weeks, then a new update the very next day. I love to be more organized but let's face it, I'm never going to change no matter how much I try to convince myself. Hey, do you see a leopard losing its spots or a tiger losing its stripes in their old age??!! Naaa, I'm being totally realistic and besides it's Friday, we can let it all hang out!!! TGIF and I adore weekends!!

Anyway this morning while walking the pooch, I was thinking about what is in a day. What I mean is, I know there are 24 hours per day and 60 minutes per hour. I've however not gone further than that since our society does not really talk that way - ie we don't say, 'See you in 360 minutes or 21600 seconds'; rather we say 'See you in 3 hours'. I also couldn't calculate mentally how many seconds there are in a day during my walk this morning - does that mean that my brain cells are slowly decreasing? Here is the breakdown, using the good old reliable calculator:

1 day = 24h
1 h = 60min
1 min = 60sec
1 h = 1440min = 3600sec
24h = 1440min = 86400 sec

Now, I admit, I don't know what comes after seconds, milliseconds or nanoseconds or...? Does this show how ignorant I am or should I blame it on my former school teachers for not teaching me well enough to retain all this information?! Ahhh, it's such a delight to give someone else the blame for our ignorance...

And now, let's get down to my favorite topic - lampworking, like what else is there???!! I know, I know, I should get a life... After another lampworker Evelyn from Canada emailed me about making the Taj Series in 'Pandora' style beads, I have been biten by Evelyn's bug and began to make beads with 5mm holes and riveting them with sterling silver tubes. Here are some bracelet beads of what I have made during the last 2 days and mind you, they do not have the Taj designs. I also made these as small as possible for use on the Pandora & co bracelets and larger ones for their necklaces.

Here I have used the Pandora silver element next to the glass beads I made for comparison purposes.

Earth-To-Mum Bubble Reduction Frit bracelet
My husband finds this bracelet too dark for his taste.

Earth-To-Mum Snowflake Bracelet
This is the 2nd Snowflake bracelet - this design is found on my collaborative work with Elizabeth Prior. I love making this geometric design, very meditative whenever I put down the 4 compass points, connect them with lines, then the other 4 compass points and finally make sure that when I connect the lines, they cross exactly in the middle. Ahhh, such a pleasure to make the lines meet!!


Sue Doran said...

These are all quite quite wonderful but I'm particularly happy to join you on the dark side with your Bubble reduction frit bracelet. It's wonderful, plus the neutral tones makes it so practical to wear with many different things. Exquisite!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Sue! I thought the black glass appeal to some of us!!

mairedodd said...

these beads are gorgeous! the bubble reduction ones are like creating a mini aurora borealis - so beautiful... the compass points are perfectly great! i can completely understand the fascination with getting the lines 'just so'... thank you for sharing your photos...

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, mairedodd!!

Rambling Rose Jewellery said...

Ohhhh, I love your compass point beads, the colours and geometry are beautiful. You are so talented!!!