Friday, May 22, 2009

Unexpected weather change

It was a beautiful day yesturday and towards the late afternoon, we suddenly experienced a thunderstorm with extreme strong gusts of winds and I sighted countless lightnings from my windows. I watched the trees sway in front of my windows yesturday, they looked like they were being uprooted. This morning over the radio I heard that in Schwerin, which is about 1.5-2h drive from where we live, houses were structurally damaged from the storm. Anyway, here's the view taken this morning less the storm from our windows - please excuse the mess you see on the window ledge, those are my beads packed in bags ready to be put into my bags next weekend, I don't know how to use Photoshop to blend out the mess. I know, I ought to be shot showing you the mess. I feel almost like living in a tree house or otherwise a monkey living in the trees. Oh, I work right next to these windows. I thought I'd better not show you my workspace, it's like the tornado dropped its debris all on one spot - which is my worktable.

Here are a couple of focal beads I made yesturday, based on the 'Kaleidoscope' design. These focals are quite big, each measuring about 3.5x2.4cm.

This bead has a very simplified Kaleidoscope design; I was trying to integrate part of the Taj elements into the bead (the white stringer work).

Background color: transparent medium amethyst

I tried out several background colors, using mainly transparent colored glass and I feel that the darker transparent colors bring out the designs better. This focal is made with light green - to be honest, I don't know the name of the glass anymore, I don't bother to label my glass rods. They are sorted according to the COE values and not the manufacturers.

Background color: yellow green (perhaps?)

I love this result of this focal. Actually this was the 1st focal I made yesturday, the other two were made after this one. You know how you keep hearing 'less is more'? Well, not in this case, less is less and more is definitely more. I certainly prefer the 'more-is-more' design.

Background color: transparent light teal

Well, it's Friday, as usual TGIF! I love weekends, don't you?

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eve said...

am glad it's friday as this is me off for a whole week, love all the new beads they are all gorgeous,x