Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ah yes, it's time again for that panic stage. I have less than 2 weeks before I depart for the Bead & Button Show. I still haven't gotten enough beads made for the show and am rather distracted. My problem? Well, instead of concentrating on making beads for the show - which by the way, you never know whether you are making the 'right' beads which your audience expects from you - I have been experimenting and toying with new techniques of lampworking for the past weeks. I even began weaving a bracelet 2 nights ago. Yes, one might indeed label me a scatterbrain.

Anyway, some new Taj series -

Taj Series, with 3 colors for the base and a 4th for the designs.

Taj Series
I love this color combo very much.

Taj Series
Decided to bring in some contrast by using complementary harmonies.

Earth-To-Mum Bubble bracelet
These beads have more random designs on them, which means I did not plan ahead of time what I wanted on the beads. But I admit, I did plan the colors! I guess, you could say, I don't quite leave everything to chance!

Close-up on toggle/catch of bracelet.

Untitled beads
I am quite pleased with these beads.

Anna Karenina Series
I haven't done these for a long time. I am very fond of making these designs, predominant
snowflake or 'x' designs.

Tomorrow is a public holiday 'Himmelfahrt' in Germany and next weekend (beginning June) is a long weekend as it will be Pfingsten. Sorry, I can't begin to translate into English what all these are. Basically, there are church holidays. The month of May has - I think - for the Germans, the most public holidays. Public holiday or not, I shall spend my time getting more beads made!

5 comments: said...

hi Dora..
stunning work..
out visiting tonight..
mona & the girls

Lorelei said...

DROOLING over every single bead. Damn girl!! These are super!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Mona & Lorelei!

stonejewelry-na said...

Hi, amazing design. Are they bracelets?

Dora Schubert said...

Only 1 is a bracelet, the others are loose beads which can be strung into necklaces or bracelets. Thank you for your comment!