Monday, March 2, 2009


Being kiln-less till probably the end of this week, I appreciate this unexpected 'time-out' for my lampworking as I have been weaving seed beads with my lampwork glass beads into finished bracelets. Of course I have no more excuses not to take pictures of my beads and list them up Ebay, Etsy and Artfire. I simply must admit I lack the discpline to stick to my schedule and on the other, I ask myself, what schedule?! Ah yes, that is definitely another missing element in my daily tasks - a fixed schedule, a to-do or must-do list for the week/day.

I have been poking in beading books I bought several years ago and did not really look at them till now - hmm, a very typical habit I can't seem to shake off: buy the stuff, leave it around to collect dust, then a few years later, read it on a rainy day. Anyway, I made new bracelets last week -

'Turquoise Treasures'
Those who have been following my blog may recognize that this bracelet looks familiar. This is the 'remake' of the original one which I blogged several weeks ago. There was a mistake at the end of the original piece and I had to redo it. I am quite happy with this remake.

'Romantic In Pastels'
This bracelet is perhaps one of my favorites, I love using tinted seed beads, they make the piece very feminine and soft.

Below bead sets are presently on Ebay -
'Ice Crystals'

'Guilty Pleasures'


'At Last'

'Extra Ordinary'


Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs said...

Dora, every time you post, I think, "This is my favorite!" You are so very talented and have such an eye for color and design. Thanks for sharing ~ Lisa Atchison

sassyglassdesigns said...

Your beads are stunning as are your bracelets. I have long admired your beads.

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Lisa and sassyglassdesigns!!