Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have not been really doing much lampworking in February and experiencing some downtime at the torch. Instead I have begun to weave bracelets - I had made these mini floral beads, eg tulips and roses, one year ago and somehow they did not attract as many buyers as I thought it would - whether they did not understand how to use them or what the reason is, I can't really say. So, I decided to make use of them myself.

In a way, one might say, I am going 'back to the roots' to finish my jewelry. Looking at the ancient jewelry, most of them were woven and knotted together. I had attempted at weaving jewelry sometime last year but it never really took off as I prefer to work at the torch. Perhaps that was my mistake in not keeping a 'balanced lifestyle' in my working habits. Just harping away at the torch and nothing else is not really healthy - I feel like I have been working in my own sweatshop.

These beads are very small, I want to make a necklace with a focal bead with them. I haven't gotten any further than making these. It has been about 2-3 weeks since I started them.

These are also made for a necklace - I have made spacers to go with the set but haven't strung them up.

'TURQUOISE TREASURES', woven bracelet
This was my first woven attempt this year and it has been cut apart since I made a blunder at the end of the bracelet. It certainly took time to dismantle and sort out the seed beads, quite painful with each snip of the scissors. I use the seed beads to create textures within the piece, which is quite successful, I would say.

'SPRING FLOWERS', woven bracelet
I am particularly fond of the colors I have used in this bracelet, especially the seed beads which add accents to the entire bracelet.
'BOUQUET IN RED', woven bracelet
This is the start of my 'planned' bracelets, ie I worked out what colors I intended to use for the bracelet and made the beads - both the tulips and the spacer beads - accordingly.

'YELLOW TULIPS', woven bracelet
I find it extremely effective when you plan ahead of time, instead of relying on co-incidences. Sometimes that helps but mostly it becomes frustrating and a total waste of time and efforts.

'NOT QUITE BLACK-AND-WHITE', woven bracelet
This particular piece had been a little hair-ripping to work with. I realized only right before I began weaving just this weekend that I didn't have the right sized black seed beads. I usually like to use size 8 seed beads but only had size 6 which were way too huge to use. You see, I had bought most of my seed beads last year in Tucson, USA. I ended up buying size 9 seed beads in a nearby craft store and guess what, the holes were smaller than expected so I had to figure out what thread I could use instead of the usual waxed linen and C-Lon threads. It got very 'fiddly' and at one point, my husband asked me whether I'd prefer to work on something else instead. He seldom interferes or interrupt me while I am working. That was how stressful it was - still, I am pleased with the results.
I am currently re-doing the Turquoise Treasure bracelet and I can't help but keep looking at the photo of the original piece. The need to compare is there though I know I should be starting anew - a weakness of the human nature, isn't it - to keep looking back at the past and not trusting ourselves to move on?

And here are a couple of new Reef beads I made recently -


mamajanl said...

Dora, The bracelets are beautiful! I am constantly excited about your gifts! Jan

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Jan, for your wonderful comment!!

Lori Smith said...

Dora! I love your bracelets and especially the little beads you made! I can start them but then I'm always at a loss for how to fill them in - the treasure bracelets, I mean. You do fantastic work!

Dora Schubert said...

Thank you, Lori! When I first started with them, I was at a loss too! It helps if you plan ahead of time what you want to do on paper, jot and sketch it and when you start work on it, keep referring to your notes and sketches - it helps and keeps you focused. Also, look around you and let nature and its surroundings inspire you. It will take off!