Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Lampworking Specials!

My latest beads mainly the Deep Summer series are now listed on my website for sale! Here's the link - www.beadchatter.com

Lost Connections

My internet services were disrupted on Nov 3 and will only be 'restored' on Nov 26. Long story which I don't wish to stress myself or you into. Just do not change your ISP if you live in Germany, it's a nightmare all of us are going through and is a big issue presently. I hope the EC will come up with a new regulation before these telecommunication conglomerates make our lives more miserable with their constant bickering amongst themselves when customers decide to change to another telecommunication company. Anyway, we discovered ourselves the mobile internet alternative (which I had to sign up for 24 months but my internet access is available immediately) and serves as the best but expensive solution for this 'transitional phase' until our 'actual' internet package (also a 24-mon contract) is switched on Nov 26. These telecommunication companies are legalized con-artists, aren't they? I don't quite understand why they did not mention the mobile possibility to me? Instead, I - as a paying customer - had to find this option out by myself.

Anyway, without any internet, I had been having sleepless nights since I can't sell any of my work online in November plus running to the telecoms shop daily to see when my line will be activated again. On the other hand, I had been concentrating on our packing, sorting and getting ready for our move. I had to redo my shelving system for my glass rods and that took me two days. Have to now pack my studio up for the move. My husband has already partially set up my studio in the new apartment, so I need to just haul the stuff over and set up for torching again. At the rate I am going, it will take me another two weeks before I get everything sorted out!

Here are some beads made in the first week or so in November. Will be back with more news of our move soon!