Friday, October 17, 2008


Nothing beats having a family especially when you can count on them supporting you when you need it most. Last night at tap dancing, an incident happened which embarrassed me and I actually lost sleep over it.

As you may know, I started tap about two years ago and last year I joined in a newly offered improvisation group where we jam out without any choreograph. Looking back, I think I have come a pretty long with the jam sessions, where I worry less about whether I am tapping to 8 bars of music or have I overshot the 8 bars, are my steps ok or are they too simple or are they boring. Anyway last night (this is a 2nd improvisation class with advanced tap-dancers who have been tapping for 6 years or more and I started going to this class for the past two weeks) as our instructor was pairing us off in twos, one of the ladies standing next to me walked very demonstratively to the other side of the room. The instructor asked her where she was going and the lady gave the excuse that the air was cold at that side of the studio as one of the windows was ajar. I was told to go over to where she was, ie we were paired off. It was quite obvious that she was avoiding having me as her partner, I mean the entire group fell silent when the instructor asked me walk to join her on the other side of the studio. I felt like a thorn among roses for this person who wasn't keen to have me partner up with her. I do admit, I am not as fast on my feet as all of them, so perhaps in her eyes, I wasn't up to her standard. Can you imagine, I lost sleep over that incident?! Foolish, I know, but incidents like this make me wonder whether I should show up for next week's class. In the changing room, the instructor very kindly said how nice it was that I came for the class - she was trying to soften the incident. Yes, she is a very kind person and naturally sensitive to how I was feeling last night.

Anyway I talked about it when I got home and it was nice to know how the family stood behind me - my husband's advice was to tell my instructor not to pair us together again though I am not sure if I will actually tell her; it is going to make her job miserable trying to remember whom not to pair off with and in which class who can't tolerate a beginner. I guess I shall try not to think of the incident over the weekend, though easier said than done. Silly, isn't it?

Anyway, I have this quote in a craft book by Pam Sussman which I love to share with you -
'In creating the only hard thing is to begin' - perhaps this quote will accompany me to my jam sessions and make me strive enough harder to accomplish what I set out to do in these jam sessions. Ah yes, 'tis also the way on how to grow a thicker skin...

Talk about family, here's a photo of the women who boss their father/husband in our family. BTW, we are wearing handknitted caps by my sister Pearl, who lives in New York City. From left to right, Cara, me and Sydney

And here's a funny shot of us, taken at Photokina in Cologne. Self-shot pic with an 'idiot' camera which turned out pretty darn good!! We wore these glasses to view 3-D photos at the exhibition, wow, such cool effects with the 3-D photos! We broke into a laughing fit when we took the photo ourselves and had a such a good time!! It is really terrific to be able to share such moments with your children. And no, my husband did not accompany us to Photokina, if he did, he would have probably stood aside and pretend not to know us.

Here are some beads made this and last week. You might have already seen some of them listed on ebay.


'Golden Harvest'

'Midnight At The Oasis'

'Amber Mellows'

'The Capture'

The below set is incomplete, made yesturday and I am so pleased with them. I was trying out the color combo (I have used this color combo before but it's been a long time now) and I know that I wanted greens with purples but the question usually lies in which purple, which green, which glass, etc as some colors do not work as you would like them to. The motifs are very crisp and I love when that happens. It is such a nightmare when some glass eats into each other and you get a bleeding effect, especially when it is not supposed to happen.

Have a good weekend, everyone!