Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Specials

Recently a lampworker asked me why won't her beads sell and whether I could 'help' her out by looking at her beads to give my comments, I told her to set up a business plan. Well, that woke me up about getting my own gear in shape - it hit me a few days ago, that I have basically ignored my own website where I had people sign up for my newsletter but to date, I have nothing about it. Hmm, talk about practicing what I preach.

Anyway, I managed to draft my first newsletter and then the next problem crept out - several email recipients have 'returned' my email as it is being treated as junk or spam mail. Oh gosh, the thrills and woes of the hi-tech world we live in. I guess by the time I figure how to work all this out, everything will be obselete again. Yes, yes, yes, I am a slow learner...

These are the specials for the month of October which are listed on my online shop (if you click on the title 'October Specials' on this page, it will bring you to my webshop) - the theme is 'Florals'. The first and last sets are 'nugget' shaped whereas the others are round beads.

Several bead sets shall be available over Ebay during the next days -

'Golden Harvest'

'Inside Life'

'Tequila Moon'

As for my new hobby of sewing bags - I have finished my first bag and it's been quite a change working at the sewing machine instead of the torch and then sewing on the seed beads in front of the telly!! I must admit the lining is too small and doesn't quite fit the bag properly, but I wanted to finish it to see what it looks like and whether I can really do it. I am now hooked on free machining quilting and am also very inspired to dye my own fabrics which I bought several books to read up on. I am also keen to bring textures onto the fabrics by sewing and distorting through shrinkage of the fabric. Since I met up with a local German artist a few months ago, he's reminded me about textures - with the glass beads, I have been cracking my head on how to integrate that into my designs.

Anyway here is the little bag - it's made with 'crash' fabric, can't tell you what it is really called in English as I got this in Germany. This fabric comes 'wrinkled' which lends more texture onto the machine quilting I have done. This bag measures about 9x9", so it really is a little bag. The original size of the fabric is about 10x10". Of course, I can make the bag as big or as little as I like. Putting in a magnetic button is also an option I am thinking of - just to make sure that the contents do not fall out easily.

Someone asked me whether I would be selling off my lampworking equipment since I am embarking on a new hobby with the bags. No, definitely not! It may sound strange but lampworking is an occupation for me and as with any job, you need a break from it to recuperate and regenerate sometimes. I guess I can't imagine doing nothing with my hands while taking a break from lampworking. Part of my inspiration for my beads come from textiles, so perhaps that's one reason why I am drawn back to hobbying with textiles.