Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, I am so pleased with the results of my EDP (evil devitrifying purple) that I have to simply show them off! Here are some beads made with EDP on opal yellow and the base is black. Some of the opal yellow dots have a tinge of salmon pink to pink on them as well as there is a 'halo' between EDP and opal yellow dots.

each round bead measures about 1.5x1.7cm

Friday, September 19, 2008


Can't believe that it's already after mid September! Time flies by really quick without you really noticing, doesn't it? We dropped off Cara, our older daughter, in Hanover last Saturday and it has been rather quiet without her at home this week. Sydney, our younger daughter, started school about 2 weeks ago and with my husband Kai off to work daily, I am alone with our 11-year old Golden Retriever Sandy. I try to walk the dog as early as I can in the mornings so that I can retreat to my studio before Sydney comes home for lunch after school. Mornings fly by quickly too.

Anyway I have been observing and understanding the reactions between certain colors such as rubino oro, EDP, opal yellow and the likes. I decided to go back to the basics - dots and color reactions. When I first started lampworking, I remember I wasn't keen on EDP as the color is difficult to tame, it would make the entire bead surface matt, there seems to be a vapor released when the rod is heated and that turns the entire bead matt. I made a batch of beads using EDP on opal yellow today and let's see how the beads turn out tomorrow when the kiln has ramped down to room temperature.

Here are some beads made with rubino oro over opal yellow - the flame was quite hot which most probably turned the rubino oro orangey.

This is another set made with rubino oro on light sky blue dots as well as opal yellow and I had used a cooler flame to maintain the pink in the rubino oro glass. In fact, the pink became a dark raspberry when worked longer in a cooler flame.

At this stage, I can't tell whether the rubino oro becames a darker pink when used on a certain color or whether this has to do with the flame or, both. I shall probably experiment again tomorrow to see whether the base color affects the rubino oro to become so rich in color.

I shall be embarking on a new project outside of lampworking - I want to work with textiles again. I used to make clothes for my kids when they were younger and now I am keen to start making bags. I need another project going to get more inspirations/creativity and also to take an occasional break from lampworking which has become very one-sided. I mean, that's all I think about 24/7 and even in my sleep. I would like to try my hand at free machining on the textiles. BTW, textiles happen to be one of my main source of inspiration for my lampworking. Endless creativity with textiles!!

Have a great weekend!