Monday, September 8, 2008


Several weeks ago, one of my clients asked me whether I could restring the necklace he had purchased two years ago during Art in Action - it was a piece which I submitted for the 'Best of the Best Show'. At that time, I had not been able to take a photo of the necklace as it had taken me longer to make than expected and I had to drive to the UK for the event. Also, I wasn't planning on selling or parting with the necklace then and thought I would have the opportunity after the event to take a photo of it for my portfolio. Anyway I was persuaded when the gentleman told me that he was purchasing it for his girlfriend and it was their 1st month anniversary of their meeting. That totally blew me away and there and then, I decided to part with the necklace - that is true love, don't you agree. Of course, I then turned around and asked my husband where my 1st month anniversary necklace was - I thought it was better late than never to ask, after all we have been married for the last 21 years. Needless to say, I didn't get any reply...

The necklace is made with 60 beads and 1 large focal - the beads graduate in size and the focal is about 7.8cm (over 3") long. Here's a snapshot of the necklace that the gentleman purchased for his now-fiancee -

Two new sets which are listed on presently. I must admit that I have been experimenting these past few days and hardly made any bead sets. It's fun to toy around and see what effects you can come up with as well as trying to realize your thoughts onto 'paper', though in this case, it's glass. My mind is constantly buzzing with ideas and if I don't strike while the iron's hot, I'll probably forget all about it.


I haven't done abstract designs for more than a year now and am pretty pleased with this set -