Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The past week has been rather fun for me - despite the website woes - as my husband Kai is on his annual summer leave and he got to do the housework!!! What a treat it is and this is his second week home - I just can't complain since I get to work without any interruptions in the studio.

My websites are back to normal although the admin page is still not accessible. What a relief!

I have been indulging in making flower beads, though not quite the usual encased florals. I started making sculpted roses and somehow landed with making lily of the valley. In German, lily of the valley is called Maiglöckchen (literally translated May Bells) - I actually like the name better in German than English. I then became curious about how many petals each lily actually had and started to google about it. I hadn't realized that each lily of the valley had 6 petals on them. I became curious about tulips too and it turned out that they have 3 sepals and 3 petals and apparently they coin this as setals since the sepals look like the petals. I had imagined that the tulips and the lily of the valley had an odd number of petals like the pansies and African violets. Goes to show how I take things for granted and how little I actually know!

Anyway, I am quite into making small flower beads at the moment - actually the smaller the bead, the more difficult it is to apply any design or to sculpt it. Just as the larger the bead, the easier it is to apply the designs - which is quite logical, isn't it? I also discovered that the little lily of the valley or the mini tulips are rather suitable for my dog tag bracelet from my last post. The size of the beads seems to have the right proportion for the bracelet. I have yet to attach the beads onto the bracelet. BTW, these beads are great to make earrings with!

Let's start with the latest rose beads - by the way, obviously I haven't really taken into consideration how to copy the number of petals as in actual roses. These beads are about 2.4cm (1") in length. Quite a 'normal' sized bead:

Here is the 1st lot of lily of the valley in Belgian Lace, Vetrofond glass, they are about 1,4cm (1/2") in length:

Then I decided to go into other colors - I guess you could call them either hybrid of lily of the valley or miniature tulips, size of the beads is the same as the lily of the valley.

Mini Tulips in Effetre Pink

Mini Tulips in Effetre Special Dark Yellow

Two-Tone Mini Tulips in Clear/Rubino Oro & Clear/Ink Blue

Oh yes, to keep myself and my lampworking more 'ying-yang' (ie balanced in my sanity...), I made disc beads as well. I really enjoy making these beads instead the usual fatter beads. I had hoped to use these beads for weaving into either bracelets or necklaces though till now I have only woven 3 bracelets. Shows how disorganized my schedule is. Anyway, all these beads will be on display at the bead fair in The Bonded Warehouse, Stourbridge, UK, during the International Glass Festival from 23rd to 25th August. I will of course be churning out more for listing on Ebay, Etsy and my own website.

Mini Discs