Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Art in Action 2008

It's almost time for my next event in the UK - Art in Action 2008 which runs from 17-20 July and is held in Waterperry Gardens near Oxford. This is a very unusual and exciting event held outdoors in white tents in the lovely gardens. Art in Action will be in its 28th year - if I am not mistaken - and you get to see all kinds of art work in action - hence, the name of the event. Artists from all walks of creation are invited as demonstrators and visitors get a first-hand view of how a piece of art is created, done or made.

This year, I shall be located in the 'Market' tent which means I shan't be demonstrating lampworking as in the past years. I shall be displaying both my loose beads and finished jewelry for sale at the event. It's lovely to be part of Art in Action, definitely the only unique event for the entire family. For more information, please check their website at

Presently I am hung up on making discs beads in all sizes. Mainly I have been making small holed disc beads to make them into earrings. The mini discs are made with 1mm mandrels - sometimes it gets rather exasperating when I am not careful and overheat the mandrel, it bends over. In some cases, the entire mandrel melts off and of course the bead lands on the work table. When this happens to a bead with details, I don't know whether to cry or laugh. Usually I 'cuss and swear' and try to savage the bead. Or, I take a break and try to locate my sanity again!

For the past two days I have started on larger disc beads as well, meant to be worn as a pendant. Here are some of my latest disc beads:

Mini Discs - purple/yellow combo
measures about 1.6cm in diameter

Mini Discs
ivory/turquoise/amber combo
measuring about 1.6-2.0cm in diameter
This color combo is basically my signature color combo.

Mini Discs
Black and white combo
Each bead measures about 1.5-2.0cm in diameter

Finished neckpiece using mini discs
each disc measures about 1.5cm
Red/yellow/purple/pink/light sky blue
Sterling silver finish, 18" long
Large discs
Each disc measures about 3.0-3.2cm in diameter

Large Disc Pendants
ivory/turquoise/amber color combo
each measures about 3cm in diameter
Sterling silver finish
The middle bead has a bail and is a complete pendant. Beads on the left and right are silver-lined and I shall make bails for them as well.

I shall be leaving for the UK on Sunday 13 July and return home 21 July. I shall try to get some photos of the event and post them on my next blog. See you then!