Saturday, April 12, 2008


Another lovely week spent on the torch, lots of experimenting and discovering ideas for myself. I am presently in a 'non-productive' though experimental phase at the moment. It is getting close to the next major event Bead & Button 2008 Show (early June) and as with each time before any event, I experiment instead of 'stocking' up. Perhaps it's a lack of discipline or state of rebellion - talk about being stuck in puberty!!

As with every spring, I love seeing the different and colorful flowers bloom. Each week, I see a new flower blossoming - nature offers a sense of order, it's like, 'ok, who's next in line?' Don't you agree, the nature around us is a wonderful source of inspiration?

As a lampworker, there are unendless techniques and artistry I like to work on or try out. One of them is making flower beads like the ones from Kristen Franzen-Orr and Leah Fairbanks. It's very close to painting on canvas or paper when using this method. Previously my techniques were not matured enough to venture into making these beads. I truly believe in 'there is a time and place for everything'. For the past few weeks, I had been toying with this method on and off, and two days ago, it suddenly sank in rather well. I am very satisfied with the focal beads from yesturday which I'd like to share with you -

'Blue Florals'

'Morning Glory'
3.4cm in length

'Morning Glory II'
4.3cm in length

'A Fairy's Garden'

'Snow White'
'Pink Chrysanthemums'
4.2cm in length

'Golden Chrysanthemums'

'Cherry Tree'
3.9cm in length

'Sweet Pea'
4.6cm in length

4.1cm in length

'Yellow Chrysanthemums'
4.5cm in length

'Teal and Pink Florals'
3.2cm in length

'Wild Flowers'

I also made a couple of red and purple hearts for the Beads of Courage program. I was inspired by another lampworker Andrea Guarino-Slemmons - I saw her lovely off-mandrel heart beads last year in Tucson. I made several heart beads on the mandrel and they didn't give me that kick I was looking for in my work. Here are some 'finished' red heart beads with little charms on them - in case you are curious, there is a 'bail' before the center knot. These charms hang over the heart when worn.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


You know how it is when your mind is totally fixated on an idea and you can't shake it off? Well, that's what I am confronted with daily with my lampworking. I get so obsessed with making a particular design or shape that I need to 'get it out of my system'.

I had made several disc beads for incorporating into a woven jewelry - yes, the infamous 'Beaded Treasures' by Robin Atkins hit me months ago - though I shelved the disc beads since I had to prepare for the Bead Renaissance in Tucson early this February. Finally I caved in this week and harped into making disc beads. I had and am still having so much fun making them and now am onto making buttons too!

Flower Glass Buttons
about 1.7cm across

Flower Glass Buttons
about 1.7cm across

Flower Disc Beads
about 2.7cm across

Disc Beads with complex Twisties
about 2.7cm across

Another 'happy accident' with this set called 'The Great Romance'. Usually when I run a color test to see the reactions between the different colored glass, I make small spacer beads to do the testing. This time round, I decided to 'join' up all the colors instead of making several small beads. Sure I end up with lots of spacer beads but hardly use them. So, what was a test resulted in a wonderful idea for making something new!

'The Great Romance'
each bead is between 3.8-4.3cm long

'Morning Dance'