Friday, March 28, 2008


This week has been quite exhilarating though sometimes despairing when I was lost for ideas in creating my work. I was lost in space for the past two days and yesturday I decided to work on my beads made specially for the children who are in the Beads of Courage program in Tucson, Arizona.

I was contacted by Carol Saker who is in charge of Beads of Courage, Tucson/Arizona this January, I have been scratching my scalp thinking of what beads I could make especially for the children and their caretakers in this program. For those of you who don't know what this program is about, please take time to check out their website - I don't think I will do any justification by trying to explain their program or mission in my own words.

Sure, I could have just sent over my experimental or 'orphan' beads but I felt something personal from me was lacking. I finally 'cracked the pot' and came up with these 'Children of the World' beads. I have special names for these 'children' beads too: the first row consists of the 'Angels' (yes, these are girls), second row are the 'Rascals' (the boys) and the last row are the 'Choir Boys' - and yes, there will be Choir Girls too. I hope to make more of the children beads and send them out to Carol before the end of April.

'Children of the World'

My friend, Elizabeth, said to me that helping others is good medicine. Don't you agree?

Here are some new creations made these past days - before and after I was lost in space. Have a wonderful weekend!

'Spring Sequence'

'Spider Lily'
'A Summer Bouquet'

'What A Treat!'

'Let's Fall In Love'

'Ladies' Night'
Untitled Focal Bead - lentil-shaped
Untitled Focal Bead - freeformed

Untitled Focal Bead - lentil-shaped
'Window Beads in Mint Green'

'Window Beads in Teal'

'Window Beads in French Vanilla'

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It is already the Easter weekend - time flies, perhaps it seems more so as we grow older. After a dreary winter, it's nice to have longer days and see the flowers 'coming to life'. I feel very connected to the bright colors which is reflected in my beads made these past days.

It is not easy living in a temperate country like Germany, especially when I come from Singapore. Singapore is located near the Equator where we have flowers blooming all year round - we are surrounded with an array of flowers 365 days a year there. I sorely miss this spectacle of colors as well as the warm climate. However being in Germany makes me appreciate the nature around us more than ever - somehow the four seasons sharpens your awareness for details. It is a privilege to be able to live part of my life in Europe.

'Twist of Fate'