Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Miniature Reef Beads

I have been paired off to work with Lisa Tune on a collaborative project and the theme is based on the 4 elements - earth, water, fire and wind. Lisa chose the water element and I agreed to it. Our correspondence was in October 2008 and I just couldn't put my mind to coming up with ideas for the project. Finally, 2008 gave way to 2009 and the deadline is Feb 1st, so I figured it was time to get the beads down. Lisa still has to work the beads into a finished necklace!!

Anyway, these are the beads made specially for the project, this is the first time I've attempted making 3-D underwater scenes - which I am awfully pleased with!

Set of 'Miniature Reefs' beads
each bead measures 1.8x2.0cm

The below photos are close-up of each bead -

I decided that the set needed a pendant to it and made this focal bead to go with the set.
The below beads were made this week - I shall bring them with me to Tucson (Best Bead Show) if I do not sell them beforehand.

These round beads are about 2.5cm or 1" in diameter, they remind me of my childhood days when we played with marbles.


Karen said...

wow these beads are fab, I hope one day mine will look a fraction as good

Dora Schubert said...

Thanks, Karen!!!