Friday, August 8, 2008


What a week this has turned out to be. The nightmare began two days ago, when my webhost's system was hacked into! I spent most of my time tackling the problem and searching for an alternative to list my auctions. By the way, my websites are still down at this moment and it'd be a few days to rectify the mess. I had someone program my websites for me and she is taking her summer vacation till August 10th. So in the meantime, I don't know how to remove the site that's blocking my websites. Thanks to all of you who had emailed me about it.

Despite the mess, I have some new beads to share with you. I have been working mainly with Bullseye glass this week - I admit, I am quite obsessed with the glass at the mo - I am sure you are familiar with that feeling when you're hung up on something and can't shake if off? Well, for me it starts of as a passion which turns into an obsession and finally it hinges on perversion...

My thanks to Ruth, who had advised how I could take pictures of transparent glass, which I did not try out this time and shall do so in future picture taking.

Transparent Pink with Antique White florals and Luster dots

Stiff Black with Antique White lines and Luster dots

Cranberry Sapphirine with Antique White lines and Luster dots

These sets were in my blog last week and are also made with Bullseye glass and shall be listed on either Ebay or Etsy in the next few days -

Steel Blue with Antique White lines

Robin Egg Blue with Antique White lines

And the below sets shall be listed as well , made with ASK104, CIM, Effetre and Vetrofond glass -

Ambers, Light Ivory, Orange Shebert with Turquoise lines

Coral, Light Sky Blue, Mustard, Ginger, Peace with Periwinkle lines

Orange, Amber, Cobalt Blue with Light Sky Blue lines


caralynnschubert said...

Now I know what you've been working on;)! Beautiful colors and great stringer control! I esp. like 'Pretty Dainty','Blue Glacier' and the color combo in 'From now on'!
Yep, passion & obsession are the right words - I can bear witness to that!

Dora Schubert said...