Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Bead & Button 2008 was as exciting as last year, perhaps even more so since we were caught right in the middle of heavy thunderstorms and tornado alerts during the entire time we were in Milwaukee. On Saturday both vendors and buyers were 'locked in' the building as one tornado decided to whizz through or at least was nearby Milwaukee.

I began lampworking yesturday after returning from Milwaukee on 9 June and taking a well-needed break. After each long-haul flight and event, I feel very exhausted - not just physically but mentally. I guess age is catching up on me!

I made small disc beads which can be woven into bracelets or neckpieces - aka 'Robin Atkins Beaded Treasures' styles. These discs may be also made into and worn as single pendants, and therefore I made some larger disc beads for that purpose. My next step is to have them lined with sterling silver tubes.

I decided to show you the beads taken directly from the top as well as a frontal shot as beads viewed from the top tend not to have a three-dimensional feeling.

Mini Discs 'Tangerine Dreams', top view
diameters from 1.8 - 2.2cm
about 1cm thick

Mini Discs 'Tangerine Dreams', front view

Mini Discs 'Joyful', top view
measures from (smallest disc) 2.2cm to 2.4cm
Thickness ranges from 0.6 - 1.1cm

Mini Discs, 'Joyful' - front view

Disc Beads 'Byzantine', top view
Smallest to largest measures: 2.1cm to 3.2cm
Thickness: about 1cm in the middle

Disc Beads 'Byzantine', front view

Anna Karenina 2008 Series, in purple
Each bead measures about 1.5x1.7cm

Close-up of Anna Karenina 2008 Series in purple

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dora, I just stumbled upon your blog. It was nice to meet you in Milwaukee. That weather was pretty wild, wasn't it?