Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lovely, that you are spending your time on my blog! My special thanks go to my fellow lampworkers and friends Miriam Steger - who encouraged me to begin this blog several weeks ago - and Penny Gentle - who introduced me to this blog site.

It has been quite difficult to settle back to 'life in the studio' after returning from Tucson in February - where I was doing an 8-day show and was away from home for about 11 days - the first weekend home, I taught lampworking to two persons in my home studio and then the following weekend I drove to Leende, the Netherlands, to teach for 3 days. Mentally and physically exhausted, I was fresh out of ideas for my work. One might call this a 'creative block' - I just call it being exhausted.

However, I am most delighted to be 'back in fast lane' again and here are some of my latest lampwork beads:

'The Circus'

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