Sunday, March 23, 2008


It is already the Easter weekend - time flies, perhaps it seems more so as we grow older. After a dreary winter, it's nice to have longer days and see the flowers 'coming to life'. I feel very connected to the bright colors which is reflected in my beads made these past days.

It is not easy living in a temperate country like Germany, especially when I come from Singapore. Singapore is located near the Equator where we have flowers blooming all year round - we are surrounded with an array of flowers 365 days a year there. I sorely miss this spectacle of colors as well as the warm climate. However being in Germany makes me appreciate the nature around us more than ever - somehow the four seasons sharpens your awareness for details. It is a privilege to be able to live part of my life in Europe.

'Twist of Fate'


turnedlight said...

I love the free and easy set - they are all lovely!

Natascha said...

Hello Dora, I really love the colors u used, really so perfect.

So nice that you have a blog now.

Lovely greetings Natascha Gschwind